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Who is Dr Mawela

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Dr Mawela has over 15 years clinical experience as a medical doctor managing people living with HIV and associated medical conditions. He continues to contribute to national HIV policy guidelines, quality improvement initiatives and provides clinical mentoring for primary care and  advanced HIV care services. He has a passion for maternal and child health where he continues to advocate for safe pregnancy services.


Dr Mawela is the founder and CEO of the Academy for Quality Healthcare (AQuaH Group) which he founded in 2015. Today the group consists of AQuaH Healthcare Services which provides mission critical public healthcare, AQuaH Training School which is an HWSETA accredited school that provides professional development programs for health workers and he continues to improve access to healthcare through primary healthcare clinics and Telehealth services.


Dr Mawela's passion in life is to inspire hope and wellness by enabling health providers to do remarkable things and lead fulfilled lives. He enjoys facilitating clinical trainings, empowering health providers to enhance their soft skills and provides coaching for healthcare entrepreneurship. Lesego is an experienced clinical mentor where he provides onsite and remote clinical support. He also enjoys facilitating problem solving, root cause analysis, and quality improvement initiatives.

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Dr Lesego Mawela

“You have 2 primary choices in your life - To accept things as they are Or accept the responsibility for changing them”

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